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Prepared with wide varieties of exotic spices, herbs and seasonings. We bring you authentic Indian food made from scratch, prepared with garden vegetables and choicest meats along with a selection of spices, herbs and seasonings.
Our breads and tandoor specialties are prepared in our clay oven and our Biryanis are made from aromatic Indian Basmati Rice. The spices and herbs we use are chosen for their medicinal qualities as well as the exotic flavors.

Chef Birendra Thapa was born in the Himalayan Country of Nepal. While growing up in the mountains he developed a love for spices, herbs and fresh grown vegetables. From an early age he became very interested in cooking. Thapa traveled to the nearby country of India and began studying Indian culinary arts. The shared culture between Nepal and India as well as his continued travels to India further fueled his passion for Indian cuisine.

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Customer Reviews


If you like your food hot, meaning spicy, then this is the place. I Just discovered Indian food recently and I really enjoy this place. Small, intimate atmosphere with good food and clean tables.

Mr. C

Legit legit legit. I am from a big city and have travelled alot as well. I know authentic Indian food, believe me-this place will not disappoint. The food is amazing.

Mike Kosach

The food is great and fresh. Their Vindaloo is great! The different levels of heat give you a good variety, if spice typically puts you off of Indian food. The staff is also very friendly.

Richelle LW

I have been a lover of Indian food for several years, but I’m not from the area so this was my first time here. After the first bite, all I could say was “wow!” The chicken tikka masala was amazing!

Sharon Davis

Great food, service is excellent, pleasant atmosphere. First visit for me, but I will go back. You can even get the food made according to your taste for spicy food. Highly recommend.

Andrew Reiter

Fantastic food. The workers are polite and they actually make the food "Indian hot" and also give you a chance to try their amazing food without the heat as well.